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Caring for their Community

October 2021 Business Feature

Whether you live in a busy home and need a detailed weekly clean or are about to host a large scale event and would like a spotless space for your guests to enjoy, look no further than Molly Maid of BCS, which specializes in giving customers a detailed clean every time. “If we can touch it in a home, we clean it,” Owner Marshall Patton said, who has owned and operated the Molly Maid of BCS for over a decade. Since 2009, the highly respected and requested cleaning company has earned its trust in the community by performing high-quality cleans and yielding unmatched customer service.

“I was living in Las Vegas, and I was a shift manager in a casino, and I was working a lot of hours, and I came to a family reunion out in West Texas, and just decided I wanted to come back to Texas,” Patton said. That epiphany started the year-long process of searching for the perfect franchise to own, which resulted in Patton stumbling upon Molly Maid. Patton said the company’s kindness and the Ms. Molly Foundation, the company’s non-profit organization that supports victims of domestic violence, are what drew him to become a franchise owner. “I bought the territory in Midland in 2004, and then I bought the territory here [in Bryan/College Station] in 2009.”

The Ms. Molly Foundation was started in 1976 to help raise awareness for domestic violence. Every October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness month, Molly Maid hosts their Making a Difference Drive, which raises funds for local women’s shelters. “In 2019, before COVID hit, our October drive raised $9,000 for [one of the shelters] - the most we had ever raised, so we were really proud of that fact,” Patton said. Additionally, throughout the year, a portion of each clean is donated to the foundation.

“There are a lot of employees over the years that have come up and said ‘I’m really glad we do this, because I went through this a couple of years ago, or my sister went through this or my mother went through this,’” Patton said. “So, the staff here really gets involved because it means a lot to them personally. It is a charity that in this business really is personal, so we take a lot of pride in the fact that we raise money for this particular charity.”

Molly Maid is a company that not only cares for its community but is passionate about taking care of its customers. For a professional, detailed clean every time, give Molly Maid a call and receive a free estimate.

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