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Committed to Excellence in the Brazos Valley

November 2021 Business Feature

The blue and yellow logo of Ed Phillips Plumbing is a common sight around town, as the long-time Brazos Valley company sends its highly-trained professionals to save the day for residents with problematic pipes. The family-owned fledgling business began operating out of a warehouse back in 2004, while co-owners Ed and Leigh Phillips were still committed to their full-time careers in the fire service and medical fields respectively. “The company has grown because we set our standards high,” says Leigh. The owners feel a responsibility to the community “that we grew up in and [where we] have raised our children. It is important to provide good service to our customers.”

“Our team is [comprised of] professional uniformed employees that are knowledgeable and courteous,” shares Ed. “We look for employees that are willing to work together as a team, learn, and adapt to our business model.” Some of the benefits of joining the Ed Phillips Plumbing team include on-the-job training, attention to detail, up-to-date technology, and proper equipment to perform the job at hand. “We promote teamwork, honesty, integrity,” he adds. “Be proud of what you do as a person. Our belief is that a company is only as good as its employees.”

Ed Phillips Plumbing found its “niche in specialty and service work,” where they serve local residents and businesses when it comes to water heaters, toilets, and faucets. They are able to detect leaks, resolve sewer line stoppages, and deal with medical gas issues. The company also offers hydroscrubbing of sewer lines, camera work, and trenchless pipe repair. When it comes to a plumbing emergency, Leigh explains, “The real sacrifices are made by our employees who are on call and go out to take care of the customer after hours and on holidays.”

When asked to describe Ed Phillips Plumbing in three words or less, Leigh offers the phrase, “committed to excellence.” As Texas summer storms roll in, now is the time to experience that commitment by scheduling a check-up today!

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