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DoorRestore Brings Doors Back to Life

February 2021 Business Feature of the Month

As an owner of a residential home or commercial property, the most challenging aspect is oftentimes maintenance, which is critical to preserving the value of your beautiful property. Fortunately, DoorRestore is ready to come to your rescue with the care and maintenance of your wood doors, the centerpiece and focal point of any home or building.

Located right here in College Station, DoorRestore is owned and operated by husband- and-wife team, Steve and Kimberly Lightfoot. They launched the company in 2008 to help support their sister company, Grand Door Company, which makes handcrafted, custom doors. DoorRestore refinishes, repairs and installs hardwood and fiberglass doors, regardless of their original manufacturer.

“The Texas sun is the enemy.” explained Steve. “It’s constantly damaging the finish and the wood itself. In a ‘circle of life’ kind of way, wood comes from the ground, and to the ground it will return. We can prolong the life of wood doors through restoration and maintenance.”

Steve points out that the process of door restoration is very labor and skill intensive. The process, while not cheap, is of high value. Wood doors often cost $3000-$4000 and up, so keeping them protected and looking their best is absolutely a wise decision. Plus, the aesthetic benefit is hard to ignore. Properly maintained doors not only last longer, they are also beautiful. DoorRestore can keep your doors protected and looking their absolute best with their annual maintenance service.

DoorRestore tends to cater to luxury homeowners and high-end commercial properties, but according to Steve, “The truth is anyone that has a wood door needs us. We are kind of like the dentist. You may not need us today, but you will need us eventually. It’s not going to get better on its own!”

To set up a free consultation, call 979-820-2230 or visit for more information.

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