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Keep your AC Running Safely and Efficiently

Protip from April 2022 | Don Hatcher, Owner of Airserv of Aggieland


  • Inspect your air conditioner’s air filter.

  • Remove debris and clean within a two-foot radius around the exterior unit.


  • Run a full AC system diagnostic, including air flow verification, control operation verification, electric control sequence inspection, and start, run, and shut-off testing.

  • Test your thermostat functionality.

  • Inspect your refrigerant level.

  • Inspect ductwork for leaks and poor connections.

  • Routine maintenance, including lubricating the motor, cleaning and adjusting blowers, and clearing condensate drains.

You can count on Aire Serv of Aggieland to perform your yearly maintenance. We have knowledgeable service professionals who can ensure your system runs safely, reliably, efficiently, and comfortably. Together we can beat the Texas heat!

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