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Keep Your Home Clean, from the Outside in

Protip from April 2021

Add instant curb appeal to your home by allowing a professional to clean dark stains off your roof. Have you ever wondered what those stains are? In most cases, they are Gloeocapsa Magma (often confused with algae), a bacteria that lands on your roof and begins to eat away at the shingles over years. Many people believe they need a roof replacement when they really just need a thorough roof cleaning. By simply having your roof professionally cleaned, you can maximize its lifespan instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing it. It is important to make sure the professional you hire uses a soft wash method and does not apply any pressure to your shingles. This could cause damage and void your warranty. Not only does a cleaning add life to your roof, but it also makes an immediate difference in the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Chris Sullivan


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