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Providing BCS with high-quality glass services for over 75 years

February 2022 Business Feature

Starting as a small storefront in Downtown Bryan in the 1940s, ACME Glass has grown to become a staple of the BCS area with three locations and years of impact on the community.

“Leonard Morehead was from Salmon, Texas, a rural area near Palestine,” said Morehead’s granddaughter and marketing manager of ACME Glass, Lindsey Weedon. “After he graduated high school, he went to San Antonio and worked in the family auto glass industry with hopes of starting his own business one day. Just a few years later in the mid-1940s, he moved to the Brazos Valley to open ACME Glass with his brother, Bruce.”

“When ACME Glass opened over 75 years ago, starting and owning your own business was the American Dream. Leonard grew up during the Great Depression, so the financial stability that can come with being a business owner attracted many people of that era,” Weedon said.

At the beginning of ACME glass, the business only serviced auto glass, but soon made it their aim to help small storefronts, like their own, by offering commercial glass services.

“We didn’t start out in the commercial glass business, but we realized how important it was for local companies and decided to add a commercial department,” Weedon said. “A storefront can make or break a business. What your customer sees on the outside ‘window-shopping’ is a huge deciding factor in whether or not they actually come into the store and potentially buy something.”

Since opening its doors, ACME Glass has honored its mission “to provide high-quality glass products and customer service at a fair price,” Weedon said.

“We service the B/CS community and surrounding areas,” Weedon said. “Because we offer auto, commercial, and residential glass, almost anyone is potentially our customer. Many of them are local car owners needing a windshield replacement, homeowners wanting to update their bathrooms, or business owners and contractors looking to create an eye-catching storefront.”

Continuing their pursuit to help the community, ACME glass supports many non-profits in the area, including Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association, The Queen Theatre Renovation, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Brazos Valley. Their most recent show of support to the community was a sponsorship for the Bryan High Fine Arts’ musical, The Little Mermaid. For any and all glass needs with great customer service, call ACME Glass.

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