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Why Caprock is the One 4 You

September 2021 Business Feature

CapRock Health System has thoughtfully tailored a new hospital, emergency room, and outpatient care experience in Bryan/College Station. But with numerous options for healthcare in B/CS, you may be asking why you should choose CapRock as the ONE 4 YOU.

To begin, do you care about supporting local businesses? CapRock Health is the only locally owned and operated healthcare system in B/CS. In 2014, their group of physicians collaborated to provide an improved ER experience through CapRock 24-Hour Emergency. Upon seeing the benefits of their vision, they applied those same principles to improve inpatient and outpatient care, and in 2018, expanded their facilities to include CapRock Hospital.

So, why is the CapRock experience unique? Their clinical care team consists of your friends and neighbors who care about our community. Their highly experienced doctors, nurses, and staff, through improved staff-to-patient ratios, can spend dedicated, one-on-one time with you.

Combine their care team with their comfortable facilities and simplified customer service, and you have the CapRock experience.

Having earned the reputation as having the most exceptional healthcare experience in Bryan/ College Station, some may assume that CapRock care would come at an additional expense. Rest assured, care at CapRock is not more expensive and they are in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas and Medicare. When it comes to emergency care, CapRock will always process all major commercial insurance plans at in-network rates. So, when you need medical care, the exceptional CapRock experience will not cost you more.

Why choose CapRock as the ONE 4 YOU? It’s simple: they’re local and part of the community, and they have a highly skilled medical team, thoughtfully designed facilities, advanced technology, and provide the best care experience possible. So, choose the healthcare system that was purposefully designed and built for you!

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