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Our magazine gets directly into the homes of our customers’ most desired audience. Rather than taking a shotgun approach, we hand-select our distribution to ensure our customers are getting the best results.


Brazos Monthly began in 2011 and has been delivered to homes in Bryan/College Station every month since then. The "Rule of 7" says that on average, a consumer needs to see a product or service 7 times before making a purchase.


There is value in aligning your brand with other brands of a similar caliber and those better than yours. We strive to provide effective advertising that fosters longevity with our client-base.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

It continues to produce our best marketing results.

Ed Phillips, Owner | Ed Phillips Plumbing

Brazos Monthly Advertiser since 2011


We were unsure when we first started using Brazos Monthly . . . But when we saw the customers coming back with their coupons, we found out that it was paying for itself.

Veronica Fly, Owner | Dirt Road Rustics

Brazos Monthly Advertiser since 2018

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Our landscaping work is up 183% thanks to Brazos Monthly.

Kevin Hester, Owner | Kevin's Landscaping

Brazos Monthly Advertiser since 2011

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